David Souza

David lives in Brookline, MA,  and is running for the Brookline Teen Center.


Have you run the Boston Marathon before? 

Yes, I’ve run Boston for the past two years.  Last year I didn’t get to train and really suffered during the race.  I was forced to run another qualifier in September for 2015 Boston Marathon registration.


Why did you decide to run the Boston Marathon in 2015? 

Well, I told myself a couple years back that I want to run Boston every year for the rest of my life.  So far so good 🙂


Why did you decide to run for Team Brookline in 2015? 

Initially, just running Boston was special, but after the 2014 race I decided to make it bigger than me.  Specifically, Team Brookline interested me, because the charities are local and I love supporting the community.


What are you looking forward to the most during the training season? 

Running!!  I train for triathlon predominately, so this is a good excuse to go a little heavy on the running.


What are you looking forward to the least during the training season? 

Swimming…  Cross training has helped keep me mostly injury free over the years.  That said, swimming is my weakness.  Feels so good after, but hard to get in the pool during the cold winter months!